About me

sr tower vertI am a retired senior manufacturing executive with a lifelong curiosity about how the world works. I have always been interested in great cars, so it was inevitable that I would graduate from General Motors Institute with a degree in mechanical engineering. Still curious, I continued in academia and earned a Masters Degree from MIT. GM in the mid-seventies was famously a bit lost, so I moved to Kodak, a company that deeply cared about its products and customers.

About a dozen years into my career, the company sent me for an MBA at the University of Rochester. There, I learned that human systems work on many of the same principles as do machines. Thus began a leadership journey that continues to this day.

Retirement from industry led to a potential second career as a fledgling author. I intend to write about things that fascinate me, people, their politics, and the companies that they form. I hope to convince others to follow along and enjoy the ride.