A Second Career


writing deskI have always been an avid reader and have, perhaps, an overly active imagination. I often find myself dreaming about variations of the stories that I’m reading or inventing new stories of my own. Late in my career, I traveled extensively for long periods of time and even lived overseas. To keep in touch, I began to send travelogues, sometimes a photo-journal and sometimes a story. I guess these were primitive blogs, though intended only for friends and family.

Two things happened. First, I really enjoyed putting the travelogues together. Life on the road can be tough, with seemingly endless weeks of long working hours. A creative process was a welcome change from the daily grind. Second, people liked what I sent. I received a lot of positive feedback, which gave me an incentive to write and send more. Continue reading

The Mechanism Matters

winchIn his thoughtful commentary “Economic Origins & the Pendulum Shift”, Chris Houston observes that we are entering a period where businesses will become socially balanced or socially optimized, rather than pure profit maximizing creatures of rational economics. This would be a significantly different state of affairs than we have become accustomed to. If such a change is to  be durable and lasting, there must be significant new underlying forces at play in the global economy. Continue reading